Professional Wedding Videos, Photos, Events, and Commercials in Central WA. Worldwide film experience from the Virgin Islands to California Napa Sonoma and San Francisco to New York, Uganda, and the greater Caribbean. Based on the shores of Lake Chelan, Washington.
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Sometimes you get to have fun with colors.


Textbook perfect video.

First Chelan wedding of the season! 6.28.14, thanks Nikko and Mark!


Hot couple, two song request so blended it together.

Recently made a highlighted version of my buddy Scotty’s wedding.

E+K, Lake Chelan WA

Good Review! Carly writes:

We cannot thank you enough for sharing your amazing gift with us. You have left me speechless and with tears of joy in the flawless and elegance of our wedding video. You have created a work of art that will forever be held so near and dear in our hearts. Saying, “Thank you,” would be an understatement to this precious moment captured!

Lindquist Beach + Sugar Bay, USVI

New Demo Reel!


Trunk Bay, St. John


Trunk Bay, St.John

My favorite piece since I’ve been here! So happy to share this!

Such a good song: Tim McMorris “Overwhelmed”

Been holding off since they had it made for a reception and didn’t want it released to the public yet.


Sand Dollar Estate, Megans Bay, St. Thomas


Villa Botanica, My first and only non-beach wedding here. Pachelbel made me go into classic ceremony mode, but got me to feel proper about using the whole vows (which came out super clean - no wind on the beach!) Congrats Diana, you were so lovely to work with.


Lindquist, St. Thomas… Epic Coldplay, Paradise… B&W goes with the crazy storm that delayed the ceremony and pushed photo session into near dark. f1.2 by the end!